Pet Food Measuring Spoon With LCD Display

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Never overfeed or underfeed again
When it’s meal time for your pup or kitty, you want to make sure you are serving him or her the proper amount of food every meal, every day. But if your pet is on a health-restricted diet (or you just want to make sure you’re feeding enough), precision is crucial. That’s where our Pet Food Measuring Spoon With LED Display comes into play.
Measures food and water
With a capacity of 28.2 ounces (800 grams), our scooper is the perfect measurement tool for the average serving size for a cat or dog. The scooper also works great for water measurement. Be sure to consult with your veterinarian or food bag labeling to confirm your pet’s food needs by breed, age, and weight.
LCD lights the way
Get the numbers with precision thanks to a built-in LCD readout right on the scooper handle. View measurements in four unit measurements to get down exact serving portions. Note the scopper requires one CR2032 battery (not included) to operate.
Quality build, easy
to clean
Our Pet Food Measuring Spoon With LED Display is made from sturdy ABS plastic, and the actual serving scoop is detachable for easy cleaning.
Small + portable
Our electronic scoop measures 9.1 x 3.7 in (23 x 9.5 cm) in totality, while the scoop measures 4.3 x 2 in (11 x 5 cm). The compact size makes it easy to store in your pet’s food bag or away in a drawer of items designated for your dog or cat.

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20 reviews for Pet Food Measuring Spoon With LCD Display

  1. Charlie Byrne

    I haven’t used this product yet but it came well packaged and sealed. I opened and turned it on and it works perfect.

  2. Rachel Sanders

    Quick, it comes in good condition, with battery included.

  3. Ян Журавлёв

    Пришла за 2 недели до Москвы, упаковка вся мятая, но прибор в порядке. Есть разные измерения: граммы, милилитры, чашки и т.д. В комплекте батарейка.

  4. Brittany Hernandez

    He came fast and they’re useful. Thank you very much.

  5. Дарья Шадринa

    2 weeks to Moscow. Packed everything is fine! Nothing broke down and went safe). According to the feelings-flimsy, it is together that the handles are fastened to the glass. Scales work properly! On the dial there is a protective sticker. Color matches. We will use and time will show how much practical and durable “tool”

  6. Dezider Martin


  7. Sofia Giordano

    Product discreet, considered the price can andar well

  8. Luiza Correa

    It arrived very fast in Brazil. Product is very nice with good quality. Package arrived smashed, but the item was in good condition.

  9. Veerle Veenstra

    Genuine super convenient. Sure if you have a new puppy do. For dogs chunks to weigh. And there’s even a extra battery at really a super convenient thing. Genuine recommended!!!

  10. Jacob Schmidt

    Very good product, comes in your box, well protected and with your clock stack included

  11. Jacqueline Hill

    As in the description, it brings pile

  12. Майя Жгилёвa

    классно упаковано! жаль батарейка села сразу же…

  13. משה אשכנזי

    -From China to Israel came quite quickly. All as in the picture. The store gave 2 batteries (one inside and the other separately) everything works. Tolerance + – 5 gr. You can take it.

  14. Giovanna Schmidt

    Best store in Alie!! Super fast in shipping and answering questions, also helpful and polite

  15. Miguel Morais

    The product arrived straight. Comes with battery and another reserve. Works well.

  16. דינה אלכסנדר

    Excellent thing for measuring feed, I’m very happy with the purchase!

  17. Manuela Trujillo

    Hi I liked it and wine very well packed, thank you, I liked the store and arrived timely. Thank you

  18. Mary Guerrero

    Very happy, arrived in a week and a half, comes with batteries included, I’m really very impressed with the speed 10/10

  19. Vincent Johnson

    I am impressed with the speed of this office, it took a little less than 2 weeks to reach Santiago de Chile. The packaging came a little crushed, but the product arrived in perfect condition. The product is equal to the description, works perfectly and comes with 2 batteries. What I don’t dare now is to disarm it because I’m afraid of breaking the Union. But everything is perfect. I loved it, I recommend it.

  20. Jeremy Gutierrez

    Very good product! Comes with batteries

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