WALFOS Universal Silicone Suction Lid Easy Vacuum Seal Stretch Sealer Bowl Can Pan Pot Caps Cover Kitchen Cookware Accessories


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Many sellers on aliexpress use fake silicone material to copy WALFOS products recently. we are suing them now.

The fake silicone material is toxic and bad for our health,can't touch food directly.

Original WALFOS label

All WALFOS products will have Original WALFOS label in packaging.If you don't find it in packaging, the product is fake!!! Please kindly contact us if you find fake WALFOS product on aliexpress.

Food Grade Silicone

All of Original WALFOS Brand products are made of Food Grade , no odor ,BPA Free high quality platinum silicone material, not cheap rubber or TPR material.

Our silicone material is the same as silicone baby pacifier ! Why we use this high quality silicone? Because it is safe for poeple to use it in oven, fridge and our health. Hope your family love and enjoy WALFOS high quality silicone product.

Fast shipping!!!

We choose fastest shipping way and have Tracking No. to follow up your order.

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5 sizes per set cooking pot lids

Walfos Silicone Heat resistant cooking Lids Set (5 lids) :

Size : 10cm /4″ 15cm/ 6″ 20cm/ 8″ 26cm/10″ 30cm12″


Heat Resistance from 40 ℉(freezing) up to 400 ℉
NOTE!!! the REAL walfos lids have logo
The fake silicone material is toxic and bad for our health,can't touch food directly.

The Silicone Covers Create an Airtight Seal

Longer or Keep your Food Hot or Cold Longer

100% food grade silicone, can touch food directly
Safe and Extremely Handy Use in Microwave
Prevent Splattering

Use in the Fridge to Keep your Food Fresh


-Unbreakable, Flexible Silicone Material-

WALFOS LIDS can save your place !!!

Below is very useful stretch seal cover

you can click below photo to know more

Throw Away That Plastic Wrap!

Here's why you should reconsider plastic wrap:

* Pain to use: Getting plastic wrap unstuck from itself is close to impossible
* Environmentally UNFRIENDLY: Every time you use it your are creating more pollution
* Not cooking friendly: Put it in the microwave too long and it melts (is that safe?)

Walfos-Lid Is Better Than Plastic Wrap In Every Way

Walfos-Lids are reusable food-grade silicone lids that create an airtight seal. It's the
perfect way to store food or reheat food.

To use simply place the Walfos-Lid food cover on a smooth surface container like ceramic
or melamine and then push down. That's it.

Here's why else you should start using Walfos-Lids:

Great value: You get 4 different sized high quality food lid covers
Safe for you: Reheat food without worry of melted plastic wrap
Safe for the environment: With Walfos-Lid no longer need to toss out plastic wrap
Easy to use: Place it on a container, push down, and you're done
Handles Extreme temperatures: Walfos-Lids can be used in temperatures from -40°F to 450°F
Versatile: Walfos-Lids can be used in the dishwasher, microwave, fridge, or freezer

Good sealing!

The Acutal color and size are as below,

Totally 5 different color in different size

10cm /4″ yellow 15cm/ 6″green 20cm/ 8″ blue 26cm/10″ purple 30cm12″ red

Multi-size Silicone Lids is Perfect for Every Kitchen

– Are you tired of food going bad in your refrigerator?
– Does your food splatter all over your microwave oven when cooking?
– Are you tired of wasting money rebuying aluminum foil and plastic wrap?

Silicone Lids Are Used for Cooking Lids, Food Storage and Splatter Guard Bowl Guards

– General Cooking Tips
– Sauces and Seasonings
– Meat, Chicken and Fish
– Fruits and Vegetables
– Pasta, Rice and Potatoes
– Baking and Microwaving
– Convection vs. Standard Ovens

Can be as pot holder

Available in Refrigerator or microwave oven, heat resistant temperatures from -40°F to 450°F

WALFOS brand lids have food grade marks on bottom

Very good sealing

For cooking

Below comments from our clients, very useful ,perfect ,magic,cooking lids.

WALFOS Food Grade Test Report

Why choose Walfos:

1.Quality Guarantee!
100% food grade platinum silicone material.
You can return the goods if there is any quality problems, and we will refund you money.

2.Fast shipment and good packing for parcel.
We choose fast shipment service and make sure parcel in good situation for you.

3.After sale service.
Professional man to resolve any questions.

All of WALFOS silicone products can be approved by SGS food grade test report,WALFOS products are safe for your family to use .

Walfos Store

Additional information

Brand Name




Model Number

pot lid-21


Cookware Parts

Cookware Parts Type



-40F to +446F (-40c to +230c)




Eco-Friendly, waterproof, durable,easy to clean


BPA free 100% Food Grade Silicone


Heat resistance flexible


red blue green purple


10cm/4" 15cm/ 6" 20cm/ 8" 26cm/10" 30cm12"

Use in

microwave oven fridge kitchen cooking


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