Car Cushion Seat Lumbar Support Office Chair Low Back Pain Pillow Memory Foam Black Posture Correction Car Product Dropshipping


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Car Seat Lumbar Support Office Chair Low Back Cushion Pillow Waist Protection Memory Cotton Black Car Product Posture Correction
Name: car pillow for back
Core Material: 100% high quality space memory foam filling
Pillowcase:breathable polyester fabric cover
Size: the width: high:31cm, low 38cm the thick: low side:14cm, low middle thick 8cm. High thick is 5cm The height: 43cm Allow some size error,thanks.
Color: black, beige, grey, purple,coffee. Popular color is black.
Design: fit body spine curve.
1. Support Back, support the whole back, especially the low waist and the waist side. Due to the thick sides, it can brace the waist, suitable for low back pain people
2. Posture correction, Long-term sedentary, tired, lifting heavy objects. Sedentary posture is not right to damage the waist. This lumbar fit body curve, use it can push you to correct sitting posture.
3. long time use, the high quality memory foam can use for years, it has been provinced by our more than 100 thousands cutomer. USE for car seat, chair, office chair, wheelchair, students chair.

Especially good for low waist pain people

it has very wide and thick sides on the lumbar bottom, so it can support the low back better. othopedic curve deisgn

*Ergonomically designed to better conform to the human spine curve and correct sitting posture,do good to health. *Not only support the lower back , it is high enough 43cm for high backrest. *zipper design, removable breathable cover, easy clean. *Easy installation. just lean against the car seat or chair directly, because it is designed with flat bottom.

2.High quality space memory foam core

*High quality space memory foam core absorb the stress from long sitting, relief the wasit pressure. *Curve design, the two sides aer thicker than the middle, so that it can embrace the sides muscles effectly.The middle thick is 8cm, the sides are 14 cm about. *The half circle on the bottom can conducive to air circulation.

3.Removable cover easy washing,breathable fabric cover

zipper design, so you can wash it anytime. Note: the core can’t be washed. The cover is hand wash or machine wash.

4. It fits for office chair, car seat, wheelchair, dinning chair

long time sitting do harm to our waist, we need to have a rest. love life,love health.

Multiple colors are available

black, beige, grey, purple

Additional information

Brand Name





Memory cotton


polyester lumbar support

Model Name

seat supports

name for pillow

back pillow

car pillows

lumbar cushion

black car pillow

lumbar support black beige etc

material of auto pillow

fabric breathable

filling pillow

foam pillow

soft pillow

suitable for everybody

main for

lower back pain pillow


car back pillow chair back pillow

ohter name

chair pillow


seat support


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