Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm Automatic Tonometer Digital Blood Pressure Meter BP Medical Sphygmomanometer Pulse

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Package List

1. Packing Box
2. Blood Pressure Monitor
3. Upper Arm Bandage
4. Charging Cable
5. User Manual
6. Blood Pressure Level Guide

CE Certification

Attention 1 : About charging problem , Two charging ways:
* Charging with charger and cable ,no charger included , but we will send the charging cable as free
gifts to you
* Charging with 4pcs * AAA batteries (not included),please provide by yourself
Attention 2 : There is a protective film on the screen , Please take it off after you received

Technical Specification

Device Name : Electronic Sphygmomanometer
Display: Digital LCD
Method of measurement: Oscillometry
Dimensions : 135 (L) X 100 (W) X 68 mm (H)
Cuff: 150 mm (W) x 450 mm (L)
Cuff Measurement perimeter of the upper arm:220mm~420mm
Material of cuff: Nylon polyester
Measuring pressure range: Blood pressure: 0~295 mmHg, 0~40 kPa
Measuring pressure accuracy :
Pressure: within ±3 mmHg (±0.4 kPa), or 2% of the reading
Pulse range: (40-160) times per minute
Pulse accuracy: Within ±5% of the reading
Pressure measurement: Resistance-type pressure sensor
Number of memory: 2 people x 99 groups
Air-blow device: Blow-off valve
Auto power-off: Two minutes
Power supply: AAA batteries *4pc (not included ) or DC 5V 500 mA

Intended User

Electronic Sphygmomanometers measures the diastolic pressure and systolic pressure and pulse rate of people over 12 years old in home
environments by using a non-invasive oscillometric technique with a single upper arm cuff ranging from 22cm~42cm.

* Not suitable for the people under 12 years old and not for newborns, not for pregnant, including pre-eclamptic patients

X1 Specification

Aicare Blood Pressure Machine

Accurate, Fast, Portable And Easy!
Corvenient for Your Life!
1.One Key Measurement
2.Easy to use
3. 2*99 Memory User
4.Large cuffs

5.Intelligent Pressure
6.Automatic Shut-down

Aicare Technology

CE certifcation, accurate data

More Accurate
One-Touch Operation
2024 Version

2 Users and 99 Stored Readings

With Date and Time

Adjustable cuff range: 8.7″-16.5″(22-42cm)

Please measure your arm circumference before choosing, please ensure your arm circumference is within this range.

Easy To Read & Easy To Use

Even The Elderly Have No Trouble Using and Reading lt.

Cuff Larger Comfortable

2024 Version

10% Larger

Aicare Blood Pressure Monitor Easily

Assists You and Your Familys Health.

Perfect for Home Use, Travel Camy, Offce Application

Light And small, Take lt With you on The Go!

1. Measurement Method

* Wrap the arm Cuff firmly in place around your left upper arm.
* The bottom edge of the arm cuff should be 2 to 3 cm above the elbow.
* Secure closed with the fabric fastener.

2. Measurement Sitting Posture

* it in a comfortable chair with your back and arms supported, do not force with your fingers, and keep them stretched.
* Keep your feet flat and your legs uncrossed.Both arms should be resting comfortably on a table.
* he arm cuff should be placed on your arm at the same level as your heart .
* Please measure while the body is relaxed, and keep it in peace for 4 ~ 5 minutes before measurement. Otherwise, the measurement results will be affected.

3. Start Measurement

After a meal, after exercise, when emotionally agitated are not suitable to measurement


1. Avoid eating, smoking and strenuous exercise for 30 minutes prior to blood pressure measurement.
2. Sitting is the correct measurement posture for measurement of blood pressure, and the Cuff and the heart should be on the same level.
3. Please be quiet while measuring, and do not move your arms or body.
4. The monitor of this model should be tied on the left arm.
5. When continuous measurement is made on the same person, loosen the Cuff to have the arm rested for at least 3 minutes before next measurement.
6. Avoid electromagnetic interference above 10V/m during measurement. The possible sources of interference may be from TV, mobile phone, microwave oven, X-ray, etc.
7. Remove the batteries when the product is not in use for a long time to prevent the battery from leakage.

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 18 in
Brand Name






Item Type

blood pressure

Model Number





135 (L) X 100 (W) X 68 mm (H)


150 mm (W) x 450 mm (L)

Weight of monitor

About 185 g

Cuff Measurement of the upper arm


Material of cuff

Nylon polyester

Measuring pressure range

Blood pressure: 0~295 mmHg, 0~40 kPa

Measuring pressure accuracy

Pressure: within +- 3 mmHg (+-0.4kPa)

Pulse accuracy

Within +- 5% of the reading

Pulse range

(40-160) times per minute

Number of memory

2 people x 99 groups

Auto power-off

Two minutes

Power supply

AAA batteries (4pc)(not included)or DC 5V 500 mA






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