20kg TD8120MG / 25kg TD8325MG High Torque Coreless Motor Servo Waterproof Digital 180 Degree Servo Use with Remote Control


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20KG Servo:

– High-precision metal gears with hard anodizing
– CNC aluminium middle Shell,
Control system :PWM control (1500 u-sec is the central point)
Working voltage:4.8V ~ 6V
Working temperature: -20C°~ +60C°
Torque :4.8V /17.2kg.cm
6.0V /20.3kg.cm
Idle speed :4.8V/0.15sec / 60 deg
6.0V/0.13sec / 60 deg
Steering angle: 180 Degree control by remote control
Idle current:4.8V/470mA 6.0V /650mA
Load current :4.8V/750mA 6.0V /950mA
Dead band :2usec
Lifetime:>15000 times without load
Moving angle:60°±10°
Drive type: MOS drive
Motor type:Cored motor
Potentiometer type:Direct drive
Signal booster type:Digital
Weight : 62g (without accessories)
Ball Bearing:2BB
Gear material:Metal gear
Case material: PA66+fiber40%
Wire length:260mm
Wire gauge No and plug type:26AWG,JR plug
Brown wire:Negative
Red wire:Positive
Orange wire:Singal
Application:RC car, RC airplane, Helicopter

25KG Servo:

Apply Environmental Conditon:
1.Storage Temperature Range: -30°C~80°C
2.Operating Temperature Range: -25°C~70°C
Standard Test Environment:
1.Temperature Range: -25°C~70°C
2.Humidity Range: 65%±10%
Mechanical Specification:
1. Size: 40.0*20.5*40.5mm
2. Weight: 56g±2g
3. Gear type: 5 Metal
4. Limit angle: 360°
5.Bearing: 2BB
6. Horn gear spline: 25T Diameter:5.9mm
7. Horn type: Plastic, POM
8.Case : Engineering plastics(PBT)+Aluminum alloy
9. Connector wire: 320mm±5mm
10.Motor: Carbon brush motor
Steering angle: 180 Degree control by remote control
Electrical Specification:
1.Operat voltage: 4.8V – 7.2V
2.No load speed: 0.18sec/60° – 0.14sec/60°
3.Running current: 140mA – 200mA
4.Peak stall torque: 23.5kg.cm-26.8kg.cm
5.Stall current: 2600mA±10% – 3400mA±10%
6.Working voltage range: 4.8 – 7.2V
Control Specification:
1.Command signal: Pulse width modification
2.Amplifier type: Digital controller
3.Pulse width range: 500~2500usec
4.Neutral position: 1500usec
5.Running degree: 180°±3°(when 500~2500usec)
6.Dead band width: 5 usec
7.Rotating direction Counterclockwise: (when 1000~2000usec)

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